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The journey…

Before we were on the way to our three or so hour van ride to the canoes, we had to stop to fix our flat tire. I’m sure we really stood out there since we were taking pictures of everything and everyone. We even got to see how the kids got to school in the morning as they were all sitting in the back of a truck and as they passed by we waved. The scenery was amazing!! I will NEVER forget how my surroundings looked! I remember there was this young boy there at the tire shop and he just kept staring at us, but in a curious way, and it was really kind of interesting. Clara “tossed” (she missed and it landed in the back of a truck he was sitting in(;  ) him a peice of gum, and he smiled real big and it made us laugh. We were so open in everything we did and I really enjoyed the little moments. The moment that shocked me the most though, while we were waiting at the tire shop was when this older lady walked up to us and asked us if we had any money. We politely said no, and she said something not very nice…that we would “carry it with us,” trying to make us feel bad. After she left some of the girls and I felt bad, but Kendra told us it was ok, that it wouldn’t be the first time that would happen and it was normal.  You can’t possibly give to everyone and don’t want to create an problems by giving to a few.

My first canoe ride! I thought it was soo cool! My dream team buddy (Sam) and I  kept thinking we were going to tip over or something. I guess if you watched us it was kind of funny…just about every time the canoe would tilt close to the water we would almost jump on each other trying to get away from the sides. But that canoe ride was the first time I noticed that we weren’t in the states…you will never see a view like that here in America.

The 6 hour hiking trip…was the most challenging, but also the most fun I have ever had! I thought we were never going to get there but when we did I felt as if I could take on the world(:  There was so much mud and A DONKEY NAMED SQUIRREL! It was amazing to feel like we were on top of the mountains looking down.  It made me feel so small because I knew the world was big, but I was actually witnessing how big it really was. Mother nature is amazing!! When we were almost to the village we were traveling to, there was a long road of mud that seemed to just love the girls because by the end of it we were covered in it from head to toe. The guys laughed at us and I thought it was funny that the guys had no mud whatsoever on them!!?

Good thing the girls weren’t scared to get dirty(: in my opinion, that’s what made it that much more fun!

“When times got hard we depended on each other, leaning on one another just like a family should.”



Ahh!!! 21 more days and we’ll be in Honduras!!

I’m so excited and so ready to be there! Last week I wasn’t really sure, but it’s all setting in and the excitement is building up! I’m getting to know everyone better in so many little ways and it’s starting to feel like a good start to a new family here at WT(:

I’m so ready for our next hiking trip! There’s so much to look forward to and talking to Kelsey today in class answered a lot of questions that I was having even though I couldn’t think of them at the time! Were almost there guys! Just a couple more weeks!!!

Marisol B.


Going hiking was really fun and kind of hard work! I started working out but it didn’t really prepare me much for that hiking trip. Going on Saturday was probably nothing compared to what we will be getting ourselves into during our time spent in Honduras. This shall be very interesting to see how we take the next hiking trip! It was a good time to get to know everyone more…even though I was falling asleep afterwards . It was still a good time for me, and I can’t wait to go!


Setting in…

Learning about the history of Honduras and taking it all in makes me realize that this really is a GREAT opportunity and I am so very lucky to be one of the few chosen to experience this with a wonderful group of people. Things will be different over In Honduras and I’m ready to experience all of it. I’m more than excited to come back and tell everyone about everything I learned and got to see. It’s setting in!! and I am so very excited!!!



Going to Honduras still doesn’t feel real to me; sometimes I’m still shocked that I even got picked! I never thought I really had a chance. I was calm in the interviews when it seemed like everyone was nervous and I thought I should have been a little concerned. But one of my biggest beliefs and sayings is that everything happens for a reason. But now that it’s getting closer to going there’s so much I’m excited for and nervous to do; I can’t wait to start this adventure! I’m not sure I’m fully prepared for it but once I get there I know I will be able to handle it. I’m excited to meet the people and to see what life is like outside of this country. There’s a much bigger world out there and I can’t believe I’m getting a chance to see a glimpse of it! My dad never really let me travel much unless it was with school or family and now I’m going out of the country! I can’t wait to take it all in and come back to share my experience with everyone. I’M GOING TO HONDURAS!!