Others like me.

After leaving the village and traveling back to Danli, exhaustion set in. I was ready to take a shower, and sleep on a comfy bed. That I did get. But, I found out that night that we would all be able to visit a University, UNAH-TEC, Danli (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras en Danli) to be exact. I was so excited! Getting to meet other college students, that are dealing with the same issues that every college students deal with: classes, schedules, jobs, families, graduating, etc. We arrived at the University and were immediately greeted by the director of that campus. She gave us a tour of the campus. We saw the classrooms, labs, and students just being… normal students. Then, we were told that we were going to sit in on a class, little did we know we were given a performance. We were welcomed with a sign that said “Welcome to Honduras” and then music we listen to everyday, along with a slide on the computer that had the American flag meshing with the Honduran flag. It was awesome. They played the National Anthem as we proudly saluted our country from miles away, and then they played their national anthem. Then, a student sang two songs for us, two other students danced for us, and then we were able to ask questions. We found out there were three majors available on that campus. They were computer application, engineering, and agro-industrial. The agro-industrial is an ag major, YES! Students who love everything dealing with agriculture, farmers, production, everything, I felt right at home then and there. To be honest, I was ready to sign up for classes and attend the school. After we exchanged questions, we did some meet and greet and had some good snacks. I made friends with many of the students and we all exchanged Facebook information. Oh yes, on my friends list right now on Facebook I have friends from Danli, Honduras that I made at their University. That is pretty awesome! These students, teenagers, people were amazing. I had so much in common with many of them. And for some reason, I thought they would be different from American students. But they aren’t… how naive, how stupid of me to think that. Do all Americans have that same view point? That the people in the rest of the world aren’t like us, or we aren’t like them? Such close minded people we are at times. I now understand the quote we were given:
“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on; deep and permanent in the ideas of living” -Miriam Beard
Such a true quote, and I realized that, sitting in the classroom, listening to everyone speak. And for a moment, the rest of my busy life was quiet and I was living in a moment that only I can understand.

-Love, Hope Sorrells


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