Familia <3

Family, a word that many of us over use and take for granted everyday we wake up. So many of us understand what that word means, and maybe we always often feel what family is. But, like myself, so many of us take for granted the idea of family that it is overwhelming when you cannot contact your family for over a week.
In the village, I saw the idea of family. Whether it be direct blood related family, or the family of loco gringos that happened to spend a couple days in the village. Family was all around me this week. Of course, I saw family while sitting at Don Claudio’s house, while eating food Mrs. Martha and Delanie cooked. I made multiple families. I have my Honduran family that are in Las Piscinas right now as I type. They are probably finishing up the day and heading to get ready to eat supper, since the sun will be setting soon. Supper of most likely rice and beans and tortillas. There is the family of church members and school children that we spent days with. One full day of cutting grass, playing frisbee and singing at the school. The next day of going to church and after playing games, taking pictures, having the kids sign our journals. The nights when we all had family time together. We all became a unit, something that can never be shaken. We have inside jokes, crazy secrets, laughs, smiles, tears, and reminiscing about the day. Never in a million years did I ever think that complete strangers could become family. But it can happen, in a blink of an eye. And finally, I would sit and watch the fireflies dancing across the landscape and remember my own family. I was missing my parents, and brother, but also my grandparents and my cousin and nephew. I was missing my animals as well. A part of me was ready to get back to Texas to see them, then another part of me didn’t want to leave. The life in the village is so simple. It is beautiful. Time is never an issue, chores will be done when they are done, the days last for forever, and love is all around. I sit here and think, why can’t life in America be like that now? I know, back when my grandparents and great-grandparents were alive, that is how the everyday life of an American was. So what happened? The hustle and bustle of trying to stay in control of your life at such a rapid pace, remembering dates, appointments, and a set (in pen) schedule. Technology seems to rule our lives. Without technology we can’t even function it seems… but I know we can. There are people, amazing people that live everyday without modern technology that we die without.

Family, a word I know all too well now, and for once, will not take advantage of the word, meaning, feeling.

-Love, Hope Sorrells


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