Take a Hike

When rehashing our trip, the activity that always arises is the hike.  But “hike” never seems quite adequate to describe the 6 hour journey that we took through the mud soaked Patucah mountains.  Beginning in the village of Cola de Cajon, the trek through the rain soaked hills was almost as long and arduous as we had anticipated.  Fortunately however, the huffing and puffing was regularly broken up by fits of laughter and deep conversations.  It was very entertaining to see the group members in such a foreign environment.  I can still see the post-card worthy cloud covered mountains and hear the crazy conversations we had along the way.

The hike wasn’t made memorable just because of the distance, time, rain, mud, donkey accomplice (named squirrel), breathtaking views, hilarious falls, or even the”Dragon’s Toilet”  section of knee high mud and “caca.”  The hike was, in my mind, so memorable because it was the final leg of an amazing journey that brought us to the village of Piscina.  The journey began in my dorm, much too close to the Readership essay deadline, and took over 5 months to complete.  It contained a notorious plane landing in Tegucigalpa, hundreds (that might be an exaggeration) of miles spent in rental vans along the bumpiest roads ever carved, hours perched upon life jacket seat cushions in a log canoe piloted by Carlos (our .22 wielding, iguana slaying, wandering eye canoe captain), and our first night spent on the concrete floor of a one room mountain church.  The hike was the culmination of all these legs of the journey.  I do not believe I have ever worked so hard, or invested so much time in order to reach a physical destination, nor have I ever reached such a destination that was as fulfilling as Piscina.  The harder you work, the sweeter the victory.



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