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We are young.

This song has been stuck in my head ever since Saturday! I rode with a group of the girls in Kendra’s snazzy new car, and we belted out that song. Every time I hear it I think of the canyon trip, and soon I’ll think of Honduras! The hiking trip was a huge success! I realized I may be a little more afraid of falling than I thought! I think once I have a jungle on either side of me all will be okay! Afterward we went to the soda shop for milkshakes…a perfect ending to a great day. The idea of going on the trip has been surreal up until now. Only 8 days until we leave. 8 days? How did 5 month go by so quickly?

The over organized part of me is beginning to plan out what I’ll wear each day, how to pack strategically, and how to get all my things done in town before I leave.  I couldn’t be any more excited to get away. I’ve been out of the country once before but never in this situation. Words cannot describe how excited I am to see how others live and have this experience! Also, we finally got journals ordered and I hope everyone loves them!

Brittany Stewart


Getting Comfy

Well, I took my first hike with the Honduras family on Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these people! I laughed with Erica, found out how much Brittany and I have in common, realized how much of a leader Benton is, and spent some time wondering if Zinzan was taller than Chris or visa-versa. Not only am I blessed with such amazing friends now, we are lucky beyond belief to have the leader we have. Of course I always knew she was cool but I was slapped in the face with Kendra’s level of awesomeness as we sang as loud as we could to “We Are Young” in her car. I laughed as I heard how Chris fell for Samantha—at first sight…gag. I was honored as Reid assured me that I could be his best “man” in his wedding—super excited bro. We sure missed Samantha, Marisol, Delanie, and of course Dr. Wade.  We will at last all be together in Honduras soon! I never say anything about it, but I have some messed up feet that are constantly in pain because of stretched tendons but don’t y’all worry because I got cortisone shots injected in them yesterday and I now feel like a 9 year old!! This is just so exciting! Now I am fully prepared and nothing is holding me back!



The trip to the canyon this weekend was awesome. I think I talked more then, than I have since class began. I didn’t say a whole lot that meant anything but I was still talking. I realized that while I was building my strength I should also have been increasing my endurance. Now with less than two weeks left before we leave is probably not a good time to be figuring this stuff out but oh well. I also figured out that my backpack was a bit too small. When my jacket wouldn’t fit in there with some snacks and my water bladder I decided that I needed something a bit larger.

I have finally gotten all of my stuff but now I have to gather it up into one spot. Since I won’t be getting my luggage until later this week apparently I can only start to pack my bag for the trip to the village. I found out earlier this week that I was getting a luggage set for graduation/going to Honduras from an old friend of the family, so while I have all of my stuff together I have to try and not lose some of it which is going to be difficult.



So I should have written this yesterday or now it would be two days ago when I got home and was very tired so that I might have been able to string more than a couple of sentences together in a way that made sense, but since I didn’t y’all are just going to have to wade through this post.

And now it is on to class from earlier this week, where I learned that globalization is all a matter of perspective like many other things. The professor from business (Dr. Racherla) was very cool and really tried to get the entire class involved in the conversation.  He didn’t concentrate on the “good” or the “bad” of globalization which is what most people tend to do.  He really tried to stay neutral and allowed us to kind of figure out what we all thought about how globalization impacts not only the workers in the foreign countries but also the consumers in the U.S.. I think that after this trip we will all be smarter consumers.


Well that was unexpected!

I’m so upset that I couldn’t go hiking with everyone this weekend! I was looking forward to spending the afternoon with you all, until stupid sickness got in the way! But I guess if I had to be sick this was the time to be sick, I definitely wouldn’t want to be sick in Honduras. Anyways, I am expecting a full report on Wednesday, so be ready to give me all of the tiny details!

On a more positive note, I am almost done getting all of the stuff ready for the trip! Hopefully I’ll have everything ready by the end of the week! To say I am excited about the trip would definitely be an understatement! We’re almost to the single digit countdown, and I simply cannot wait! I hope you all have had as much fun preparing for the trip as I have!



Learning about globalization..

During our class last week, we had a professor from the college of business come in and tell us about globalization. This professor wasn’t like other professors.  He didn’t lecture to us…he had a conversation with us trying to get everyone involved. Which is what we did. Globalization is a very broad idea so we all had an opportunity to share what we believe globalization is. Dr. Racherla didn’t reject or accept any of them, which to me is a better way to learn something. The professor was very informative on the subject and also was a very funny guy. He just talked to us like adults and didn’t tell us what was right or wrong, but he did make us think about how globalization effects each and everyone of us. I personally  got so much out of him coming to class and discussing globalization, I have a way better understanding of what to expect when we go to Honduras, which is getting closer each week!!!


Mr. Timmerman

Kelsey Timmerman is a very unique man with all his nicknames and little sayings. Skyping with Kelsey was a pleasure. Talking to Kelsey is so easy, considering he’s a famous author, but deep down inside he’s just like all of us. I am excited that Mr. Timmerman is accompanying us on our voyage to Honduras. I believe he will be a great addition to our Honduras family. All of the things Mr. Timmerman has done through his life  is such a fascinating story and I so honored to have met him and gotten to know him. Mr. Timmerman refers to me as “hot spot” due to my shirt that had, “the hot spot…” written on it. Kelsey is a very interesting man and he is an  adventurous man who has seen many things  I only hope to see some day.  All in all speaking with Mr. Timmerman was a very wonderful experience.